Postural Awareness Class (PAC)

Welcome to Postural Awareness class

1. Review the guidelines before the postural alignment class so that you know what to expect
2. These classes are planned in such a way that it will take you through the process of transformation from your present level to next level irrespective of your present status
3. DO pause the videos wherever you feel you have not understood while practicing the exercise
4. The teaching of the videos are not just an add on to your existing knowledge about posture but it has to be inculcated as a part and parcel of your living to get the best advantage of this information.
5. The PAC has been divided into 5 modules.
A) Introduction B) Foundation C) Weight bearing joints D) Positions E) Components of fitness.

Why this class on Postural Awareness?

Discover the Healer within you…

 Do you know that our body is an automated machine??

Yes, of course we know it..right…

But the only thing in today’s generation is we don’t have the time for this automated machine to finish its work.. we are in a hurry and hence don’t give enough time to our bodies to repair and overhaul itself. It is very natural that, if we don’t service our machine it will breakdown sooner than it is expected to, and that is what is happening with our own bodies…

I really appreciate your interest in knowing more about your body and how to heal itself. Whenever we have to construct a building we need to be cautious about a few things like Foundation, Framework/ Structure/ Roof/ apart from ventilation and other internal structures. 

Similarly is “Our body”. It has a Foundation on which it is built/ Framework on which it moves / a Roof which protects it and of course the internal structures, the additional benefit of this structure is that it has the power to repair (heal) itself. When we discuss about repairing there are 2 ways of it, one is replacement of the affected structure or repairing the worn out structure or defected part. But in our body, it is always repairing the worn out part. And the crucial part is time has to be given for the same.

What is the process of learning in PAC?

ou have received this document as part of the initial introductory information regarding PAC.There are 30 + literature information in the form of reading materials and media materials. Along with the media files you will be receiving literature and a questionnaire which has to be filled as you go through the media files. The questionnaire will help you to understand in a better manner what you are learning and also make you curious to learn more about your body. 

What is the nature of teaching?

The media files will have lectures and practical demonstrations of exercises which you have to follow and practice. Each exercise is again sequenced from beginner level to advanced level. The criteria for progression in the exercise are mentioned which you will have to follow through strictly to avoid any injury during training.

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